Citing the GARLI Web Service

Here is an example of how the GARLI Web Service can be cited in a publication:

"To complete the phylogenetic analyses we used GARLI (Genetic Algorithm for Rapid Likelihood Inference; Zwickl 2006) and Grid computing (Cummings and Huskamp 2005) through The Lattice Project (Bazinet and Cummings 2008), which includes clusters and desktops in one encompassing system (Myers et al. 2008). A Grid service for GARLI was developed using a special programming library and associated tools (Bazinet et al. 2007). Following the general computational model of a previous phylogenetics study (Cummings et al. 2003), which used an earlier Grid computing system (Myers and Cummings 2003), we distributed required files among hundreds of computers where the analyses were conducted asynchronously in parallel."

List of publications:

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